How to make BIG impressions in TINY homes

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One of my biggest problems with living in a small home is not having a seperate dining room. In fact there is barely space to dedicate a dining area! But there are many solutions available out there that can give you that dining experience, whether it’s in the kitchen, lounge or box room!

Here are some of the best space-saving dining tables available:

Copyright: John Lewis

Drop leaf tables

Probably one of the most well-known style of space-saving tables, the drop leaf table is ideal for occasional use. It’s easy to store at the side of a room or under the stairs and can be moved to anywhere in the house. It could also double up as a desk if required. The John Lewis version pictured is particularly useful as it stores the chairs within the table.

Copyright: Ikea, Norbo


Wall mounted tables

Wall mounted tables are often found in the kitchen and can be useful as extra counter space too. Or if used in the lounge it can double up as a desk. The only issue with this is where to store the chairs.

Copyright: Dwell


Converting coffee tables

A converting coffee table is a useful way of combining two pieces of furniture into one. However, again there is the issue of storing the chairs separately. One way of getting round this is if you have a garden table set, some chairs are nice enough to use both inside and out. A decent set of seat cushions would sort out any problems with comfort.




Space-saving dining

This dining set is handy for those of you who have the extra space for a dining area but want to keep it as compact as possible. The chairs fit tightly under the table when not in use. Box seats, as shown with this table, could also be adapted to create extra storage inside.


Copyright: Alno

Pull out table and chairs

One of my favourite crazy design ideas! If you have a kitchen that can pull it off it would be a great feature, although obviously it is only designed for romantic meals for two. I think this would really suit a city apartment.




‘Off the wall’ table

Here is a quirky idea for storing your table. This may be extreme but if you don’t want to display the table, it could just as easily be stored behind the sofa. Or if you are feeling really creative you could display photos instead of a mirror. Very tempted to try this one myself! Perhaps the chairs could all be displayed in the same way on the wall… or is that going a bit too far?

These are just a few ideas. There are a number of different versions of the products above which would suit all sorts of styles and budgets. If you have any further suggestions I’d love to hear them!